Camargo Corrêa Infra only works with suppliers aligned with standards of integrity, transparency and excellence. To this end, aiming at the best result for its customers, the company maintains the Code of Ethics and Conduct for Suppliers and the Golden Rules of Labor and Occupational Health and Socio-environmental Safety, which must be understood and respected by all the company suppliers and partners during their activities.”, which must be understood and respected by all during their daily activities.

The company carefully selects its commercial partners and, once chosen, these suppliers become part of our database, provided they are always aligned with Camargo Corrêa Infra’s culture of integrity and excellence.


Be careful not to fall for commercial fraud!
We warn you that, unfortunately, some scammers have been identifying themselves as Camargo Corrêa Infra professionals to apply scams by offering commercial services in the company’s name. In this case, we ask everyone to be vigilant and, if in doubt about the veracity of a commercial contact, to contact our Ethics Line[email protected]

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