Life of our professionals is our
greatest appreciation


Life of our professionals is our greatest appreciation. Camargo Corrêa Infra has a strong Health System and Work Safety with one objective . Zero accident in our works!  We do not negotiate Labour Safety and do not relate it to profit or production. We have firm standards.



Simple, fast and effective procedures to be followed by everyone.


Ally technology and innovation for a safer work environment.


Effective Software manages all the works processes.


When we say Work Safety cannot be negotiated, that means that everyone, no matter the hierarchy, is responsible of our professionals.  In Camargo Corrêa Infra the number of work accidents affects the results and bonus of managers and directors.

Safe behaviour must be part of our culture and a worry for all. In our works, we carry out awareness campaigns, prevention programs and activities with the same objective: keep the physical integrity of our team

A safe and healthy work environment for our professionals: the purpose of Golden Rules program , which identifies risk  of work accidents and implements preventive anc corrective measures with an integrated management system. Safety measures:

  1. Report all injuries and injury free incidents, as well as unsafe acts & conditions
  2. Do not use cellphones at working areas nor while driving or operating heavy equipment
  3. Do not violate safe driving rules               
  4. Always use harness for works higher than 2 meters
  5. Do not work without proper specific training and never work without the JSA, Work Permit or toolbox meeting
  6. Never stay under suspended loads, nor should you place yourself in the line of fire of vehicle and equipment
  7. Ensure ELCB/GFCI for all electrical panels and lock out tag out for all hazardous energies
  8. Always use the required PPE and collective protections for every job    
  9. Never enter confined spaces without proper training and approval from safety department
  10. Never operate machinery and equipment without machine guarding and safety devices

Apart from the regular campaigns with our professionals, management in this area is considered seriously and with commitment in Camargo Corrêa Infra.

Eating in the sites is one of the most relevant issues for our company. To ensure quality and prevent poisoning, the Health area controls the choice of food as well as suppliers, transport and delivery to our works.