Having society as end costumers, our role is to leave a socioenvironmental legacy in all the areas of our performance. Camargo Corrêa Infra will be an agent of social transformation committed with the socioeconomic development of the locations worked on.

Our strategy is related to sustainable development , seeking not only the development of the business but also commitment to the right to live to future.

We aim at achieving  Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO), aligned with our strategic planning . We have plans and programs that ensure the responsible use of natural resources in our works and improve communication in that environment, minimizing social interference. We understand that being sustainable is no longer a difference but an essential part of our business. That is why , with the Socioenvironmental Management System , we provide good practices and strategic solutions , generating value for all the stakeholders.

Before entering any region, Camargo Corrêa Infra diagnoses the location with socioeconomic, environmental and public safety indicators. All this with only one tool :  Infragis.

Infragis, a system of geo-references of information, was developed by our company and aims at new business prospects, developing proposals, and creating socioenvironmental action plans specific to each Project. With this tool, we not only analyse all the characteristics of the regions in which we work on but we also provide specific solutions to the socioenvironmental challenges encountered.

Camargo Corrêa Infra also combines sustainable development with innovation ,seeking alternative new technologies that could boost our product offers even more , improving our competitiveness and generating more benefits for the society. 

Camargo Corrêa Infra considers each customer needs and the socioenvironmental challenges of their enterprise during the operation phase. With an ethical and responsible position , we work efficiently to provide the best engineering solutions and without conflicts with the communities  near the project. Moreover, our programs abide by legislation and corporate requirements with regular inspections, professional training, and ethics in all our interactions.

We understand that our commitment to sustainable development implies going beyond  law abiding actions . Therefore , we are committed to make rational use of natural resources and control waste generation , effluents , and air emissions so as to have the lowest impact . Among our environmental programs we have:

Optimization of waste management- Implementation of new technologies and innovation processes aiming at waste generation and waste trade.

Plan Water:  allows to check the availability of water in the working areas and minimizes the potential impact as to abundance, scarcity or conflict related to water that generated in their businesses and surrounding communities.

Sustainable wood: The aim is to use Wood from well known sources. The program allows to track down the Wood within and area of 18.000 hectares. The Project went through four stages, which included follow up of the product from the supplier and the creation of a plan to find supporting logging companies to participate in this initiative. Another achievement was the technical support given by the company to producers in obtaining FSC certificate, which is mandatory to participate in our program

Plan of Carbon Management:   unparalleled and innovative in the construction of Heavy Civil Construction, anticipating the standardization of National Climate Change Policy, it fixes aims and commitment of reduction of gas emissions  and  greenhouse effect in our activities.

Plan of Natural Resources: assesses possibility of reduction of dependency of natural resources , such as water , sand , rock and wood  in our constructions, analysing availability in the  scenarios of such resources in the different regions . Legislation comes into play in these products and their implications.

Camargo Corrêa Infra intends to get to know places where it will work, even before the construction begins. We understand which challenges we will face with the vulnerability and potential each area will determine as well as the day to day challenges of the communities in the construction phase. 

We respect and implement recommendations of Programs of Environmental control, and / through social projects and volunteering incentive, we enter the regional communities  in a harmonious way during all the Project, setting  a relevant social legacy for the area through specific projects.

Projects of Support to Risk Relief: Aiming at avoiding impact in the community caused by the construction, for instance by strengthening social assistance and environmental education

Project of Fast Entrance: relieve emergencies or support low complexity needs such as training of local labour , small reforms , suppliers assessment and others.

 Project Legacy: we take into account socioeconomic, environmental and public safety indicators in order to determine regional challenges and demands . As partners with Instituto Camargo Corrêa, we articulate with  community leaders, public power, customer, partners and professionals so as to develop a perennial Project for the population even after Camargo Corrêa Infra finishes the works. For example, we have projects in social entrepreneurships , work generation and rent, among others.

Camargo Corrêa Infra guarantees economic-financial return to the shareholder,by incorporating value generation and environmental management to the business and reducing risks in the engineering projects, schedule and costs generated.

Morover, it mitigates impact, generates savings and invoicing of socioenvironmental products and services, strengthens transparency with neighbouring communities and enhances public recognition and value of the brand for its integrity policy, attracting clients , investors and thus new businesses.